EPC-00309: error parsing SQL statement

Cause: This error is typically seen during the format of Oracle Trace data into a database. This error indicates that format tables may not exist in the database or current format table definitions are out of sync with an Oracle Trace image trying to perform the format operation. Oracle Trace releases 7.3.4 and 8.0.4 (and higher) are able to create and update metadata describing format tables automatically but older versions do not have this ability.

Action: If necessary, update the Oracle Trace format table definitions in the target database by running the Oracle Trace formatter SQL scripts. However, it may be necessary to use a different database and or database user account for formatted data in the situation where a newer version of Oracle Trace has already formatted data to a database or database user account. Incompatible older Oracle Trace versions will never be able to format to this same database or database user account due to format table differences. See the Oracle Trace User's Guide for the explanation about the otrcfmt image.

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